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Tax Refund

Foreign customers are eligible for a tax refund from purchases.
Simply follow the following steps to receive your refund :

STEP 01. Acquire a tax refund certificate.

When you purchase a minimum of KRW 30,000 at the Galleria LUXURY HALL, you can qualify for a VAT tax refund. After purchasing your items, please visit the Customer Service Center at LUXURY HALL EAST(3F) with the purchased item(s), the payment receipt and your foreign passport. Then you will receive a Tax Free Cheque and fill out your name, home address and passport number. Some shops may issue the Tax Free Cheque directly, so please ask a sales person for more details

STEP 02. Acquire a tax-free stamp.

Present your Tax Free Cheque with your purchased items, payment receipt and passport to the customs official at Incheon Airport to have your Tax Free Cheque stamped.

* Please be reminded that your cheque is valid for three months from the date of purchase.

STEP 03. Receive the tax refunded.

After passing through immigration, bring the stamped Tax Free Cheque to the Global Refund Window, near Gate 28 inside the Incheon International Airport, and you can receive back 3-8% of the purchase price in cash or via credit card. (Business hours are from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily.)

* If departing from Gimpo International Airport: For the tax refund, the customer should drop the claim form into the Global Refund Claim Box located at the Customs Office. Your refund will be made by credit card or cheque payable anywhere in the world. Details will be provided by the VAT Refund Administrator’s office at the airport.